You Can Now Support Us on FundMyTravel

Written by Dyami Millarson

Yesterday I wrote an article about our New Year resolutions. One of our resolutions is a one-month trip to China to blog on a daily basis about Chinese language, culture and food. This is very important for our initiative as a next step. I will use this China trip to write relevant travel articles in three endangered languages: Saterlandic, Heligolandic and Elfdalian. This trip is our final preparation for our 2020 European project for those 3 endangered languages. We hope to connect East and West in our 2020 project, because we have always been inspired by a combination of Western and Eastern philosophy.

Since 2016, we have been using our own funds to help (last) speakers and promote (endangered) languages. Basically, we have been practising philanthropy on a relatively small scale (we haven’t spent millions but thousands to help others). However, we can now use your help. We worked really hard in 2019 to learn 3 languages and we discovered that we need support in order to do our next project. Please visit our FundMyTravel page, you may read my travel story/plan and you may support our work with a donation (starting from at least 5 Euros, the money should be automatically converted if you are using another currency in your country):

Your support means a lot to us!

If you are willing to help us, we are willing to do something for you in return:

  • We’ll mention your name and website/blog/business on our blog if you donate 50+ Euros.
  • We will actively promote your business/blog/website on our blog if you donate 100+ Euros.
  • We will make you one of our main sponsors and we will send you a 1 OZ silver coin if you donate 500+ Euros.
  • If you donate 1000+ Euros, we will send you 1 gram of Alaska gold nuggets and if you want, we can produce a special thank you video on YouTube.
  • If you donate 2000+ Euros, we will give you regular video calls during our trip to give you updates & share our language-learning tips with you. After all, we can learn foreign languages in 1-3 months and we believe you can too!

Please contact me ( for your reward if you donated any of the above-mentioned amounts.

We are not sure we can reach the full amount we need for this trip, only you can decide whether to make this possible!


    • Thank you for the input! The site I’m using works like gofundme and kickstarter, but it is for travel funding specifically. That is why I chose this platform. However, if the first donation isn’t made within the coming weeks, then I will consider changing the platform. I think it might be too soon for starting campaigns on other platforms, because I do not want to seem like spam. What do you think? Right now, I believe that I need a few comments on my FundMyTravel page as well. I think transparency is added by 2 facts especially: (a) I use my real name, and (b) I have been in the media since 2016, which can be verified on our blog. However, I’m willing to do more in order to make it even more transparent, so all ideas are welcome. I’m new to the entire concept of crowd-funding because I have so far always relied on my own funds.


    • I’m reading the requirements for kickstarter campaigns:
      I noticed (1) they prohibit donation to a charity or cause and (2) the project has to be for the creation of some product.
      When it comes to number (2), our product is somewhat abstract, but the concrete result is articles published.
      As for (1), that’s more difficult because we are a charity/cause. However, as I understand it, kickstarter wants you to just focus on production – and not on the noble motivation behind it. So we could probably meet kickstarter requirements if we focus just on what we want to produce (i.e., a series of articles about China) and skip the charitable motivation behind it. To me personally, I find it hard to swallow if I need to leave out the latter, because I dedicate my life to a charity/cause. Kickstarter probably just means (1) we need something concrete and (2) not something abstract like “I want to save languages.” Our China project fits into the kickstarter framework, but severing the project’s ties to our charitable work seems a bit painful to me.


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