We Have Not Yet Reached € 5,- on FundMyTravel

Written by Dyami Millarson

We depend entirely on you, our readers, to drive this crowd-funding campaign to a success. It is a public decision whether we can continue our work for (last) speakers and (endangered) languages. We learn languages because it gives people a special feeling of appreciation and recognition. It is a universal human need to be accepted, and language is a powerful way to express acceptance of others. There is a famous quote that says: “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” This is certainly true of endangered minority languages such as Aasters, Eilauners and Hielepes which we studied extensively in 2018. We noticed in that year that when you study a language you also study an entire community: its past, its present and its future. Human beings are the driving force behind languages; they are the skilled craftsmen and artisans that keep the language alive, and if their tradition craft or art is lost, no one will be able to easily revive it, for it took generations of experience and practice to reach that product which last speakers carry with them as their valued asset.

Due to our unconventional method of supporting last speakers as well as saving their lamguage by learning to speak and write the language, we get no government subsidies. We have been using our own funds ever since 2016, but these are now nearing depletion. Since we care so much about languages and the human beings who speak them, we have invested thousands upon thousands of Euros. We have never carelessly spent the money, for we are financial minimalists, but what we spent was absolutely necessary to aid the languages and the speakers. Our services, which are very labour-intensive, are the cheapest on the market, because we work for no personal gain. We work for the people, because this is our ideal; we do not care about money, but we simply want to contribute to society. We do not buy any fancy equipment and we save money on materials, but what we do buy is absolutely necessary for saving the languages and supporting local writers.

Furthermore, we are unwilling to take a political stance, and therefore we will get no political funding for our campaigns. We want to keep our projects strictly civilian, and we will refrain from politics. No amount of money can persuade us to change this. Our initiative is apolitical and we will never judge anyone’s politics, because that has nothing to do with our work. We are simply helping people, and we do what we believe to be the right thing. We are following our conscience, and by giving to the people we feel happy every day. Our firmly civilian stance renders it absolutely necessary that we reach out to you and ask for you support. Every € 5,- we get matters. We appreciate it very much, because this means we can continue with our work. If this crowd-funding campaign fails, we need to reassess our entire initiative. We hope this does not happen, because if we need to change plans, this might endanger the well-being of others. We do not want to see elderly losing their last hope, and that is why we are giving our all for this cause.

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