How We Went From € 5,- to 105,- on FundMyTravel

Written by Dyami Millarson

My grandma’s birthday was on 16 January and she celebrated it on the 18th, so I was away for the weekend. When I checked my FundMyTravel fundraising page, I was so surprised to see we had gone from € 5,- to € 105,- suddenly. It made me so delighted because I realised our crowdfunding campaign has really started to take off. I checked who the generous donor(s) were and it turned out that it was one of our long-time readers Timothy Junes. I still recall the first time he came on our blog and expressed his enthusiasm for languages!

Timothy Junes has his own travel blog, please go check it out, follow him and like his articles: It is amazing that a fellow blogger supports our China blogging trip so much. I can write lots of words of gratitude, but it is hard to express the joy that I experience. I am very excited, it was so unexpected, I really needed this good news because I had experienced something bad recently as well!

I really hope you guys support Timothy Junes on his blog too. It is vital that we help each other out as bloggers. We can achieve amazing things if all of us do something generous for each other. I believe that the greatest happiness is to give. When you give and make someone’s day, isn’t that priceless? Our blog was founded on that idea, we always believed in giving. So we hope you guys share the same philosophy and feel a little inspired by our work as well.


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