Collaborate with Us?

Written by Dyami Millarson

Are you interested in languages? Would you like to write an article on our blog? We are open to collaborations with other bloggers who share our passion for languages and cultures. Please let us know in the comments below if you are interested, we will be in touch with you shortly.

Our blog, which has existed since 2016 with the aim of promoting the study of languages for their preservation, has almost 3,000 followers now. We expect our blog to keep growing this year. The support of every one of you throughout the years is highly appreciated here, you are helping us to keep working for endangered languages.

Now is your chance to join us in our work!

Blogging on our platform might perhaps be an opportunity for those who wish to be exposed to our language-loving network. However, most of all, it is a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas and do something charitable for society.


  1. Wow! So fascinating! I’m always blessed to think of all the seemingly “little” things that people do all over this world to make a difference! Blessings to you for your work and thank you for following.

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  2. Besides English, I am fluent in Swahili and one other Kenyan dialect. I don’t know if Swahili is minority enough…but I would like to contribute in some way.

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  3. Good morning! I received your comment to my latest article on revisedhistory blog by Al Benson, Jr.

    I appreciate your invite to join your blog. I appreciate old and forgotten languages and how they influenced later languages which I come across in my research studies.

    But, what I support more than just a particular language is that individuals communicate to others in a language and manner that the listener can comprehend rather than be forced to use a language that others do not comprehend or understand to the letter.

    I will indeed have a look at your blog to see how I might fit in or read in the future. Al Benson, Jr. and I have been communicating for a long time and are what I would consider Internet friends…

    Al (Alfonso) Barrs, Jr.


  4. I’m interested in writing a post and also sharing my free language learning technology platform with your readers! Our site at can connect teachers and learners around the world for live language practice sessions as well as help promote instructors of rare languages to make them easy for potential students to find them. Please let me know how we can work together.


  5. Thanks for liking my blog. Terrific work you’re providing here! I would definitely like to collaborate but my website isn’t quite ready yet, and spending way too much time playing with it. Do you have a preferred method to get in touch with you about a collaboration?


  6. I will put it on my list, after I finish both WiPs on education. I am fluent in Spanish and French, conversant in Turkish, and a native English speaker, if you need any bits of spot help that could be done quickly.
    Best regards,


  7. Im from Maldives, and my language is Dhivehi which is spoken only by around half a million people. I would like to contribute.

    Thank you.


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