Please Donate to Help Us Acquire a Domain, Thank You!

Written by Dyami Millarson

The Operation X foundation, which has been working on this blog since 2016, has set its eye on a particular domain which is in the possession of another organisation and our foundation is currently in the process of preparing for negotiating the transfer of this domain to the Operation X foundation. However, to increase our chances of success, we have to bring sufficient cash to the negotiating table. We are going to try our best to reduce the price with the help of a reliable broker, yet we do know that we have to make a realistic offer that will be satisfying to the other party as well. The value of the domain we wish to acquire realistically costs a few thousand US dollars, this is truly unfortunate for a non-profit organisation like us yet this particular domain really is the next best step for us as it will definitely help us grow our blog and spread our charitable message regarding endangered languages.

Even with a small financial contribution, you can help us raise the funds we need. As we are very serious about Operation X, we are diligently working to keep improving Operation X. We intend to make Operation X greater than before and we want to keep producing unique content in the hopes of inspiring our readers. As we have been fully focused on improving all practical aspects of our organisation since 2020, we were unable to produce as many articles as we would have liked to; after all, we are running a very complex organisation because we are dedicated to learning and preserving and documenting minority languages, we are highly ambitious people and so all of us have to work hard to be able to balance all our internal organisational work with blogging tasks including continuous article production, proofreading and editing articles and managing all the comment sections.

If you have enjoyed reading our content, we hope you will consider supporting us. We really appreciate all of your wonderful comments and your approving likes.

All donations can be sent to us via PayPal:

If PayPal doesn’t work for you as a donation method but you still wish to donate in order to help us out, please let me know in the comment section below, we’ll surely figure something out together.

Thank you for reading and please share with your family or friends if you think they might have an interest in (the preservation of) minority languages around the world. We appreciate all the help we can get. Feel free to reblog this post as well. Comments of support are highly appreciated as always!


  1. I sent a tiny donation through a friend’s paypal. She noted it was from me. I wish it could be more. I like what you are doing, in a world moving quickly on. Good luck.

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    • Thank you so much for your significant contribution, it helps us a lot! We hope we can have a positive impact on the world by highlighting the world’s local heritage. I like what you are doing too, keep up the good work as it is highly appreciated. 😉

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      • ‘significant’ is a stretch, but I am touched by your kind words. I hope you have some silent partners, because if it is just me and me jolly here, it will be a long road!
        Not alowing the disappearance of cultures is huge. We become more homogeneous daily. My great-Grandmother spoke Cornish, I am told. I wonder what myths, what subtly, what solidarity of her culture has melted away.
        You have a wonderful path. Me? I am only a story tell, lost in the woods.

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  2. Nice to read this article. Your efforts for Operation X definitely inspire us a lot. It is really hard for you guys to continue this project without earning any profits. Anyway, I will donate some money to show my support for this projects. Hope you can make more and more contributions to minority languages. 😬 Keep it up!!!!!

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    • Thank you so much for the support, it is highly appreciated. Operation X will certainly keep developing to become more and more efficient with helping minority language communities; we are eager to keep making contributions to minority languages and cultures. We would love to do everything we do for free, but sometimes we have to make some expenses to achieve our goals, otherwise we simply can’t be as efficient as we would like to be for our dreams. I will definitely remember your words of encouragement whenever I am writing a new post. You too, keep it up, it is really a pleasure having you here.

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  3. I never heard of Frisian before today. Many of my ancestral lines came from those areas 200 to 300 years ago. I have no idea if any of them spoke Frisian, but it’s a possibility. Anyway, I find it fascinating. I’m glad you are preserving these languages.


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