Mission Statement

Author: Dyami Millarson, Last updated: 14 November 2020

We learn the most exotic and fascinating languages of Europe. Our work involves chiefly minority languages. We are currently focused on the Frisian languages spoken in Europe.

There are 14 living Frisian tongues and we intend to study them all:

  1. West Frisian (standard language)
  2. Aasters
  3. Hielpes (Hindeloopers, Hylpersk)
  4. Eilauners (Schiermonnikoogs, Skiermûntseagersk)
  5. Saterland Frisian (Saterfriesisch, Seeltersk)
  6. Central Goesharde Frisian
  7. Northern Goesharde Frisian
  8. Halligen Frisian
  9. Bökingharde Frisian (Mooring)
  10. Karrharde Frisian
  11. Wiedingharde Frisian
  12. Sylt Frisian (Söl’ring, Sylterfriesisch)
  13. Föhr-Amrung Frisian (Fering/Amrung)
  14. Heligolandic Frisian (Halunder)

It is our life mission to learn the most endangered Frisian tongues ere they die out. We wish to keep the knowledge of these languages alive with our own efforts and we wish to transmit the knowledge of these languages to a new group of young people.

We do language challenges to gain attention for the variety of languages spoken in Europe today. The diversity of languages in Europe is a topic that is not yet frequently talked about in daily life and we wish to change that by studying and talking about these fascinating, exotic languages. We wish their voices to (still) be heard around the world!

When we learn any language, we believe that we are saving it. Articles written in various languages that we have learned frequently appear on our blog. We keep the knowledge of the languages alive this way.